Openreach Service Delivery Transformation

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Openreach Briefing No 14

28 October 2009

You will be receiving an e-mail from our independent balloting company, Popularis, regarding how you can register your vote in this important ballot.


Please take the opportunity to vote and, given all of the likely scenarios, the Unionís Executive strongly urges you to vote YES.

The only certainty is that change will come. Do not be misled into thinking that nothing will change in respect of your attendances simple by voting no. It is the economics of the market which drives Openreach to reduce costs. That will not change. The CWU Executive believes that in this situation it is vital that there is a robust agreement between the CWU and Openreach so that changes to attendance patterns are justified, fair, reasonable and by agreement with the CWU.

Download Openreach Briefing No 14 (Word document, 300kb)