Openreach Service Delivery Transformation

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Massive Yes Vote in Electronic Ballot!

10 November 2009

The result of the electronic ballot that closed at noon on Friday 6 November 2009 concerning the Attendance Framework and the assurances on Project Beck was has been announced.

YES 13,177 64.32%
NO 7,309 35.68%
No vote submitted 49  
Total votes submitted 20,535 78.25%
Total members entitled to vote 26,244  

The significant point to note is that just over 50% of our total membership in Openreach has voted to accept the deal.

All of those who voted are thanked for participating in this crucial vote. We will be meeting Openreach management in the next few days to discuss next steps.

Further Talks With Openreach

The CWU will now begin serious dialogue with Openreach around Complex Transformation aimed at insourcing non-civils work, currently carried out by contractors. We will also seek similar discussions around bringing back work from India. These discussions along with the elimination of overtime are critical in preserving longer term job security.

Of more immediate note is confirmation that the commitments given by the CWU in terms of the ballot result and our willingness to enter positive dialogue, that Openreach can assure the Union that it will not proceed with the transfer of Complex engineering to a third party. This will remove the tremendous anxiety and uncertainty felt by many members.