Openreach Service Delivery Transformation

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Inaugural Meeting of Steering Group

21 December 2009

As part of the Service Delivery Transformation Agreement, a Steering Group was set up to oversee the implementation of the varying strands.


The inaugural meeting was held on 14 December 2009, at Phoenix House, Milton Keynes and was jointly chaired by John Small, MD Service Delivery and Andy Kerr, CWU DGST. The CWU was represented by a team comprising Executive members and lay activists from each Region and from Service. The Steering Group is neither a formal negotiating forum nor an escalation point. It will, however, prove useful as a forum for full and frank exchange of views which will shape other separate negotiations.

The Steering Group did reaffirm that a joint objective of Service Delivery Transformation is the long term job security of Openreach employees.

Next Generation Access

A presentation was given on the current and forecast progress on Next Generation Access. In particular those bids Openreach had made for building a fibre network in particular parts of the country. This process allows for local or regional local authorities to draw upon EU funds.

The majority of the non-civils work in providing both the fibre to DSLAM cabinets and the copper tails is being done by direct labour and that the forecast is that the overall amount will rise significantly. It is not just the actual build of the network that is important, so too is the equipment installed in end-user premises. Within the pilot, 90% of orders received are Managed Installs and again the overall amount is likely to rise.

Complex Transformation

The CWU indicated that this work was of fundamental importance to the Union in moving toward the aim of insourcing non-civils work in the near future. The statement from Openreach in their presentation should dispel doubts in some quarters around the assurances secured by the CWU over Project Beck.

“Attendance ballot result – allows us to keep Complex within Openreach and proceed with Complex Transformation.”

There will be a pilot of various measures run in the North West during Q4 and there will be regular meetings with the CWU at both national and regional level.

Performance Management

There was a wide ranging discussion on Performance Management based on recent all-manager calls and the correspondence sent to Openreach by the CWU.

The Union’s team put forward numerous concerns around the lack of understanding of iPOP data in Operations and of the eccentricities within the system. The Openreach team acknowledged that there were issues of concern with iPOP specifically and, more generally, performance management. It was agreed that we needed jointly and forensically to look at the iPOP and other processes in Operations. To this end, the first meeting (workshop) is being arranged in January 2010 to begin this work. A separate meeting is being arranged for Service.

The CWU has strongly indicated that the problems surrounding performance management must be resolved parallel to and in the same timescales as attendance implementation.