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Members Cards / Access to Member Details

7 January 2010

All CWU members will receive a new CWU membership card in Janaury 2010 and be given on-line access to their membership details.

CWU Membership Card

Membership Cards

The cards will be sent with the issue of Voice due to be posted on 4 January 2010. The new cards are plastic credit card style and should prove considerably more durable than existing ones. The cards have the Legal Services Helpline details on the reverse and will replace the separate card currently supplied.

Online Access to Membership Details

The Voice will also include personal login details for each member so that they will be able to view and amend their membership details held on the HQ Membership Records system. The "go live" date for this service is expected to soon after 11 January 2010, members who attempt to log on before the service is live will be greeted with a "service temporarily unavailable" notice.

To access their records the member will need to log onto the CWU website using their Membership Number and the unique password contained on the letter enclosed with Voice. All members will need to provide an email address following log on. Passwords can be changed once the member has logged on.

Members who have joined recently may not have been issued with a password, they will need to register on the website to be allocated one.