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Performance Management - iPOP Data

7 January 2010

The Executive team has continued to press Openreach on the vexed subject of performance management.


Use of "IPerformance on a Page" (iPOP) Data

It is clear from feedback received from members that there is a widespread lack of understanding or misunderstanding how performance is measured.

The CWU has told Openrach we need to address how iPOP data is used for performance management and what actually triggers informal or formal warnings. We need to jointly understand what is good performance and how people can achieve this. It is clear from current evidence that targets for effectiveness and efficiency are being used without any clear idea how these are derived. Similarly we need to review the current Quality Task Times (QTTs) to ensure they reflect modern working practices. Task times are based on those introduced circa 1994, not only have there been changes to these times, as in the case of Frames, but the times do not reflect current working practices such a the need to measure low wires.

Openreach has suggested a review project to look at iPOP data and the CWU will fully participate.

The review will cover:

  • the current manner in which data is analysed and used.
  • whether the current standards are valid and suitably defined.
  • objective analysis of existing data including trends, geographical variance etc.
  • impact of the process on the business and its employees.

Management Style

The union also needs to address management style and the application of alleged underperformance process.

Clearly there are a significant number of managers who believe that there are targets for managed exits and for the numbers of people on PIPs or MUPs, this is despite the statements of senior management in Openreach. The CWU is somewhat sceptical that so many managers seem to be getting it wrong. The CWU feels that targets for both team members and managers themselves are being set by higher management in Openreach.

The CWU welcomes the acceptance by Openreach that further work needs to be done in this area. We recognise the significant commercial pressures faced by Openreach but would also suggest that a regime that is perceived to be threatening by our members will add no value whatsoever.