Openreach Service Delivery Transformation

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Attendance Pattern Implementation

7 January 2010

Good progress has been made on these issues, in particular the processes for ensuring that individual social, personal and domestic needs are met whilst also addressing business needs.


There are some issues outstanding, mainly:

  • Standard Preference Template which gives equality of choice throughout Openreach.
  • Meal Breaks in Operations (ie, whether there should be a standard length) and the ability of people to have a full meal break where necessary in a local exchange. Inevitably, there are systems issues with variable lengths of lunch-breaks as well as problems operating the swaps process efficiently.
  • Allocation of lates inasmuch as whether it would be, for instance, one night in six or one week in six. Both are feasible but combining them for any one roster group creates difficulties.

It is anticipated that the few remaining unresolved issues will be settled this week.

It has always been both the CWU and Opereach’s stated aim that implementation must be carried out in a quality manner. Whilst actual implementation would commence on 1 April 2010, the contractual changes were due to come into effect on 1 January 2010. In late December 2009, it was agreed that the contractual change could not be effected in a fashion that members would understand and be confident in. For this reason the actual contractual change will now come into effect on 1 April 2010. The detail of precise changes will be published in the interim period.

The Union has secured confirmation from Openreach that, until such time as individuals start their new attendance patterns, the existing attendance patterns and governance will continue to apply.