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NEC & National Representative Elections 2010

19 April 2010

Every year we elect colleagues to the executive councils of our union. It is of the utmost importance that we elect people with the knowledge and courage to undertake the vital role of leading and representing us.

We have to ensure that those people are driven to achieve the best possible pay and conditions in the prevailing circumstances. When those prevailing circumstances are tough the decisions our executive has to make can be equally tough. Thatís why itís important that we elect people with the courage to make those choices; people who know when to deal to avoid damaging industrial action but also know when itís unavoidable and are prepared to lead it.

The people we are recommending have all the qualities needed to lead us.

It is important even if you do not agree with our recommendation that you cast your vote. A high turnout will send a signal to employers that although we can accept change when it is justified we will not accept it when itís not. Neither will we accept pay increases that do not reflect our contribution to the success of the company.

Finally, in the North Anglia Branch for every vote cast we donate £1 to the East Anglia Childrenís Hospice (EACH). The work EACH carries out transforms the lives of children and their families during times of crisis that most of us can only imagine.

Please take a minute to cast your vote, itís important to you and it helps others.

Brian Woods
Branch Secretary

The timetable for the elections is as follows:

Nominations Open:1 March 2010
Nominations Close:22 March 2010 (14.00)
Accept Nominations:25 March 2010 (14.00)
Despatch of Ballot Papers:21 April 2010
Close of Ballot:11 May 2010 (first post)
Result:13 May 2010

The Election Regulations stipulate that a copy of the regulations for the elections must be distributed to all branches in advance of the nomination process. A copy of the Election Regulations is available from Branch offices. The regulations will also be published on the CWU website.