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Volume - Radio Frequency Risk Assessments

27 January 2010

The ILM equipment that was used in the original Solent trial was not used for the subsequent national roll out. It has therefore been recognised that there is a need to conduct a risk assessment on the revised equipment as a matter of priority.


Activities have been happening behind the scenes to prepare for this, including the supply of the RF testers and the loading and testing of the software. There is a plan in place to run tests on 35 individuals (numbers may vary slightly depending on engineer availability and how long the tests take to run). The tests will be conducted by the Volume Transformation team.

Each individual engineer will be tested more than once using the different scenarios described below:

  • Cumbria x 15 team members (25-27 Jan)
  • Midlands x 10 team members (28-29 Jan)
  • Solent x 10 team members (3-4 Feb)

As experience is built up it may be possible to speed up the rate of testing to achieve more tests in this time.

We have requested that the testers will be placed in 5 different locations within vehicles:

  1. The Driverís chest pocket
  2. The Dashboard
  3. The footwell (near to ILM device)
  4. Behind the drivers head
  5. The passengerís chest pocket (this will be the chest pocket of the tester).

These tests will also be run with a variety of Ďotherí wireless devices switched on, e.g. Mobile Phone(s) and Laptop(s) using GPRS which should cover all scenarios.

CWU head office wiil will discuss next steps with Openreach management once we have results from these tests.