Openreach Service Delivery Transformation

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Complex Transformation Pilot

17 February 2010

During the SDT negotiations, the CWU secured the commitment that if savings in Openreach’s cost base of 17.5% were achieved by April 2011, then Openreach will seriously review all third party sourcing and see whether it can be done in-house.


The changes within the operating model that Openreach is exploring are:

  • Working to close the gap between Planners and field units and using technology to schedule and deliver workpacks
  • Work Allocation Units
  • Re-engineering fibre splicing and blowing with a view to making it a singleton task
  • Deployment of GPS technology

In order to test many of the concepts, a Pilot has begun in the North West. This has commenced with the fitting of iLM equipment in vehicles within the pilot patch. Due to the different working methods between Complex and Volume, the number of “alerts” will be higher. There will be an acclimatisation approach during the pilot. It is Openreach’s intent to test new performance metrics at both team and individual level. The CWU, both locally and nationally, have been involved and we will be meeting Openreach regularly as part of the consultation process. The next meeting is on 2 March 2010. The CWU has a number of concerns about the validity of Work Allocation Units and these will be a key discussion at that meeting.