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Attendance Patterns - Niche Groups

17 February 2010

One of the fundamental principles agreed with Openreach is that, whilst contractual change will occur, no changes to attendance will be proposed or implemented where there is no current business rationale.


In keeping with this, Clive Gunby, Employee Relations & Internal Communications Director, has written to the CWU setting out a list of functions where there will be no immediate change. When this list was reported at the Openreach Briefing Forum concern was expressed around the inclusion of Coaches.

It is not proposed to alter the attendance patterns of Field Coaches pending a review of the OM role which could have implications for Coaches. This will be the subject of separate consultation with the CWU. Openreach has, at least, recognised the Union’s concerns and we will monitor this in practice, in light of our policy of equal commitment from all who can work the new patterns - specifically Saturdays.

There are some functions which the CWU Executive team believes may come into the category of “niche group” and the union will make the appropriate representations.

Attendance Patterns Framework -
Employee Groups with No Immediate Requirement for Preference Exercise

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