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CWU seeks job security in Openreach

10 September 2009

Following the result of the ballot on attendance patterns, a CWU team from Head Office met with management on Tuesday 8 September 2009, to find out the company's next steps and to press home the Union's determination to preserve long term job security for members in Openreach.


As previously outlined (in the letter from Openreach to the CWU dated 20 July 2009, that was contained in the booklet sent to members prior to the ballot), the assurances from the company on job security and the abandonment of Project Beck were based on reaching an agreement on attendance patterns. The CWU team urged management to continue with those assurances despite the ballot result. BT's representatives very politely but very firmly declined.

The CWU was informed that Openreach will proceed with preparations for the outsourcing of Complex which would involve TUPE and that this was likely, in the first instance, to commence with Poling.

In respect of attendance patterns, the CWU was also informed that Openreach will begin preparations for the implementation of the flexible attendance patterns. Openreach will commence that process by trying to secure volunteers to adopt the attendance framework. Management reaffirmed that the proposals which were the subject of the ballot was the company's full and final offer and that there would be no further negotiations on the detail.

The CWU team restated our policy in respect of outsourcing and imposition of unagreed attendances. We also affirmed that the Union is determined to preserve long-term job security for members in Openreach and that the Union will explore every avenue in pursuit of these aims.

Management was asked to set out its plans concisely in writing. This is undoubtedly a worrying and uncertain time for members but rest assured the CWU will do all it can to safeguard jobs in Openreach.

The CWU Executive will be considering this turn of events in consultation with Branches. In the interim members in Openreach are asked to stay united in these troubled times.