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Changes to Election of T&FSE Asst Secretaries 2010

24 February 2010

At a meeting held on 18 February 2010, the NEC endorsed the following policies in respect of the CWU Assistant Secretary Telecom & Financial Services (Operator & Ancillary) and CWU Assistant Secretary Telecom & Financial Services (Clerical).

Assistant Secretary Operator & Ancillary

The post of an Assistant Secretary O&A has been in existence since the inception of CWU in 1995. There is a separate reference in the rule book which suggests that the responsibilities of the post were limited to representing the O&A membership. The five yearly term of office requires an election no later than 2011 but the incumbent, has indicated a willingness to stand for re-election in 2010 on the same timescale as the NEC. The election will be conducted on the basis of by and from the O&A constituency.

The responsibilities of this post will progressively cover other areas than just O&A and it therefore makes sense to delete rule 9.6.4b. This removes another legacy from the terms of the merger in 1995 and will allow a more balanced distribution of work in the T&FS Department

Assistant Secretary Telecom & Financial Services (Clerical)

There have been four Clerical Constituency Assistant Secretaries elected annually (detailed at rule 9.8) since the inception of the CWU. There is a fundamental distinction between these four Assistant Secretaries and the other appointed or five yearly elected Assistant Secretaries. This is the fact that the four Clerical Assistant Secretaries remain employees of the company they work for substantively and work for the CWU effectively on a secondment basis. The appropriate employer provides facility time for the Clerical Assistant Secretary within the global total and CWU cover the cost of travel, subsistence and all office overheads etc.

The Clerical Assistant Secretaries report to both the COOC and the T&FSE. Although they have the responsibility to deal with those aspects of negotiations with the various employers affecting the clerical membership there is a significant degree of overlap with the roles and responsibilities of some of the five yearly elected or appointed Assistant Secretaries.

There have been detailed discussions between the DGS (T&FS) and the COOC and agreement has been reached that the four Clerical Assistant Secretary posts can be ceased and replaced by a five yearly elected Officer. The election of the replacement Officer will take place in accordance with the timetable for the NEC and other Assistant Secretary posts. For the first term of office (five years) the election will be conducted on the basis of by and from the clerical constituency.

In order to bring the rule book into line with this it is necessary to delete rule 9.8 and it is proposed to submit an appropriate rule amendment to the Annual Conference 2010 rules revision session.

The election for both of these positions will now take place in spring 2010 under the same timetable as the election for the NEC and National representative positions.

In accordance with CWU rule 9.6.2 the responsibilities of all Assistant Secretaries shall be to carry out and discharge under the direction of the GS such Union duties as they may be deemed required to perform.