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Attendance Implementation - Contractual Change

10 March 2010

The agreed date for contractual changes (in terms of attendance) is 1 April 2010. However these changes can only take place once after the contactual notice period.


There are three main changes due to come into effect on that day:

  • Overtime requirement,
  • Agile Working.
  • Pre-planned Working Flexibility.

The last bullet point should not be confused with “on the day flexible working” which will only be introduced widely after six weeks notice has been given. This is because the system which will provide visibility of flex is not yet fit for purpose.


Individual attendance patterns are currently being negotiated either regionally or nationally. Until the conclusion of these negotiations and people have been given six weeks notice, existing patterns and governance will continue to apply. For avoidance of doubt all of the provisions of Customer Service Improvement Plan, Shorter Working Week and Flexible Working Hours remain until the implementation of the new patterns.

In the case of the Flexible Working Hours agreement (as indicated in the SDT documentation) this will cease after six weeks notice has been given. The opportunity to have Rest Days Off will be included on the preference form in the options such as nine day fortnight, etc.

For those who utilise flexible start and finish times for caring and other responsibilities, this may be catered for through Personal and Domestic rosters.