Openreach Service Delivery Transformation

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Openreach Performance Management – iPOP Progress

8 April 2010

The CWU has held a number of meetings with Openreach to change the current performance climate, and progress is being made.


In order that the review is both comprehensive and speedy, it has been split into four concurrent workstreams:

  • Task Times
  • Systems
  • Performance
  • Communications

Each workstream has been allocated both an Openreach and a CWU Executive lead person. The workstream groups will meet separately and report to the full review body in a matter of weeks (before the end of April 2010). All of the issues raised by Branches have been fed into the appropriate workstream and are being addressed.

Productivity Guidelines

A constant issue is how the productivity guidelines are set at SOM level. That is not to say that the CWU agrees with ‘guidelines’ or ‘targets’ but the first step is to understand their basis. Members of the Executive are visiting three separate SOM patches to gain this understanding based on actual, rather than theoretical, data.

Booking Practices

It has been identified and accepted that wrong booking practices can adversely affect both efficiency and effectiveness (and therefore productivity). Work is in progress to develop a guide to correct booking practice which is visual and easy to follow.

Review of PiPs

Whilst it is pleasing to report that progress is being made, the CWU has raised concerns at the highest level in Service Delivery that there are people currently going through formal processes which could emanate from misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the data. Whilst Openreach does not necessarily agree that this is the case, it has been jointly agreed to review the basis of all 219 current PiPs. Again the timescale for this is completion by the end of April 2010.