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Karen Rose for Clerical Constituency Vice-Chair

20 April 2010

As a working mum in a call centre, I experienced first hand the problems faced by many of you. My personal experience has gone some way in enabling me to be a voice for others.

Karen Rose

In my view, regular contact between CWU members and their representatives, whether at a local or national level, is essential to ensure we are truly reflective of their views and requirements.

I believe my commitment to this has been demonstrated during the past eight years; since first being elected to a national position, I have been in daily contact with Branch Representatives and members, listening carefully to their views and concerns, making sure these are taken account of and always being able to honestly say I have done my absolute best for those who have put their trust in me.

We must look towards new and smarter ways of meeting the shifting needs of a diversifying membership. As we face uncompromising demands from employers, so our Union must be equipped to counter them.

The Union must be able to

  • Demonstrate cohesive strength and solidarity
  • Communicate effectively with Members
  • Deliver on what is promised
  • Adapt to changing circumstances
  • Show leadership during difficult times
  • Be robust in defence of terms and conditions

This year I am asking that you have faith in me once again and support my candidature for Vice Chair.

My promise to YOU is that my commitment will continue to be unwavering and uncompromising.

Your support would be much appreciated in the forthcoming Executive Elections Ballot.