BT Pay Campaign 2010

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Conference Votes for Strike Ballot

28 May 2010

The CWUs Annual Conference unanimously passed a motion on Wednesday 26 May 2010, stating that if BT fails to make a revised offer that reflects your contribution by 4 June 2010, the CWU will ballot for industrial action.

Youve delivered more, youre worth more!

Reject 2% and one-off payments.

Demand a fair share in BTs success.

Speaker after speaker rose to support the motion and lambast BTs contempt for its workforce whose commitment and pragmatism have been central to BTs financial recovery.

The final offer of 2% is an insult to members and would mean a real terms cut in your pay.

Chief Executive Ian Livingston received an annual bonus of over 1.2m this year for hitting financial targets that you have been instrumental in achieving. One of these targets is free cash flow which was 1.9bn at year end - nearly double the 1bn that BT was forecasting.

If senior executives can be rewarded generously for BTs excellent annual results, then so can CWU members.

This is what the following directors received this year:

Ian Livingston CEO - basic 850k plus annual bonus of 1,206k, total up by 79% on 2009.
Sir Michael Rake, Chairman - total of 670k up from 630k in 2009 for working part time.
Hanif Lalani, ex Finance Director - total of 1,166k, up from 805k in 2009 (44.8% increase).
Patricia Hewitt, Non Executive Director who helps decide your pay - 128k up from 75k for just a few days a month.
Gavin Patterson, BT Retail CEO - total of 1,133k, up from 698k in 2009 (62.3% increase)

Your Executive strongly recommends you vote YES for industrial action.

Youve delivered more, youre worth more!