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CWU Response to BTs 'Dissapointing' Offer

8 June 2010

It was reported in the press on 8 June 2010 that BT had made a revised two-year pay offer worth 2% in 2010 and 3% in 2011.

CWU Deputy General Secretary (T&FS), Andy Kerr, confirmed that a revised offer was received from the company late on 7 June 2010. Andy said:

"Were very disappointed that BTs revised offer remains materially unchanged for this year in terms of pay."

BTs decision to leak their offer to the media today has also raised trust issues for us with the company. We will meet BT to discuss whether an improved offer exists but we will continue to press ahead with plans to ballot our members on industrial action in the absence of any real progress on pay.

Headline of the misleading article in the Sun 8 June 2010

Headline of the misleading article in the Sun 8 June 2010

Inaccurate Reports

Reports in the Sun alleging that the CWU met with the company over the weekend are categorically untrue.

The CWU Pay Team met on 8 June 2010 and has written to the company formally rejecting the revised offer.

Andy said:

"We are willing to meet to discuss the scale and structure of the revised offer on the basis that there is scope for significantly improving the 2% increase in base pay in settlement of the 2010 pay claim."

Assurance to Members

The Sun article claimed: "Workers who sign up to the pay deal will also be spared the threat of compulsory redundancy for two years. And it is believed BT is also going to attempt to bring work back to the UK from other countries, such as India."

Andy has confirmed that the union will immediately reject any proposal that puts a timescale on avoidance of compulsory redundancy. The CWU has been in discussion with BT for over 12 months about the return of work from India. This has never been linked to our pay claim and will continue to be subject to separate discussions with BT.