Openreach Service Delivery Transformation

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Attendance Patterns Change Excercise

17 September 2009

Openreach will be running an exercise asking team members to indicate their willingness to change their attendance patterns via an e-response on the Service Delivery Transformation website.


The Union has been advised that the responses will be confidential and that indicating a willingness does not in itself mean they have signed up to accept new terms of employment. Whilst the illustrative rosters will be based on the framework which was the subject of the recent ballot, it is obvious that the consultative mechanisms contained within that framework no longer exist.

Correspondence from Openreach to the CWU makes it clear that there are no guarantees on offer regarding the final outcome of Service Delivery Transformation, only that the outcome of the exercise will help Openreach to review its options.

The CWU remains completely opposed to the outsourcing of Complex work and any moves to impose new patterns on people. The CWU Executive has been clear about that throughout the negotiations and that position has not changed.

Team members will have until 2 October 2009 to indicate their willingness to change their attendance patterns.