Openreach Service Delivery Transformation

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Attendance Pattern Progress

9 June 2010

The preference exercise has now finished in Openreach Service. Openreach management have confirmed that overall there was a high response rate to the preference exercise.


In L2C and T2R OPenreach says they have been able to give everyone who completed the preference exercise their first preference of days per week pattern and start/finish time range, in addition they have also been able to meet their choice of meal break and blocks/single lates. Work is going on in other business areas and the CWU continues to meet and discuss those areas with Openreach.

New Pattern Start Date

Modelling the patterns in line with the preferences has taken a bit more time than expected. Openreach managment have therefore taken the decision to move the implementation of the new attendance patterns to Monday 13 September 2010 across all of Service. Before Monday 2 August you will receive a communication advising you that your new pattern has been published and is visible in WFM, then on Monday 13 September you start working your new pattern.

Swap Process

When you need to work a different attendance for social, personal or domestic reasons there is a swap process to allow you to look for and agree a swap with one of your colleagues.