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Ballot to go Ahead as Talks Break Down

10 June 2010

After five hours of talks with BT broke down on 9 June 2010, the CWU served formal notice to BT of our intention to ballot.

BT Pay Campaign 2010: We're Worth More! I'm Voting YES!

The CWU Pay Negotiation Team made it clear that only a significant improvement on the original pay offer of 2% for 2010 will bring this dispute to a close but BT has refused to budge despite soaring profits, huge bonuses for senior executives and a 6% payout for shareholders.

The CWU has issued notice to BT that ballot papers will be sent out on Friday 18 June 2010.

Andy Kerr, CWU DGS(T), said:

“Things have undoubtedly got worse since our meeting with BT yesterday. The company is now showing complete contempt for staff and for the reasonable pay rise we are seeking for our members in the company."

"With annual inflation currently at 5.3%, a 2%t pay rise for this year is simply not sufficient given the contribution of CWU members to BT’s excellent financial results."

Andy commented on the two-year pay deal proposed by the comapny:

“BT’s revised offer failed to make any material improvement in pay for 2010 which we have made crystal clear is the key to resolving this dispute. While we are happy to consider a two-year deal, there must be an improvement in pay for this year."

The 3% proposed pay rise from January 2011 was rejected on the basis that we do not know what inflation will be at that time, and it could represent a further pay cut for members. The CWU made clear we are open to a two year pay deal, but that the award for the second year would have to be an inflation plus formula to maintain the value of your pay in real terms."

Andy pointed out the misleading claims made by the company:

“BT has been misleading in the way it has presented other elements of the revised offer. For example, the union has always worked with BT to avoid compulsory redundancies so the inclusion of this in any deal appears to be more of a threat than an offer. Also, in regard to repatriating work from India, we have been in a separate set of negotiations with the company for over a year regarding resourcing arrangements for this so it is disingenuous to claim this is a new offer."

Announcing the ballot, Andy said:

“Given BT’s refusal to improve on its revised offer, we now have no alternative than to ballot for industrial action and we have served formal notice to the company today of our intention to ballot."