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BT Claims ˝CWU ‘Compromise’ on Pay˝

22 June 2010

Members may be aware of reports in the press stating the CWU ‘could compromise on a pay rise of less than 5%’, which have been referred to in a BT Today article and other BT comms sent out to CWU members.

CWU Deputy General Secretary (telecoms) Andy Kerr

Andy Kerr, CWU DGS(T) says:

"I have never used the word ‘compromise’ with regards to the claim. When speaking to the media I have made it clear the CWU is willing to negotiate on our 5% claim, which has always been the union’s position."

"I can confirm that the CWU has not met with BT regarding pay since 9th June. The CWU remains ready to talk to BT with a view to reaching a settlement, but this has to be on the basis that BT is prepared to make a significant improvement on the 2% offer for 2010 to one that reflects the rise in the cost of living and properly recognises the contribution of CWU members to BT’s success."

Media Reports citing "compromise"