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BT Legal Challenge Ends Ballot

5 July 2010

Since the union served formal notice to BT on 10 June 2010 of our intention to ballot for strike action, BT has made a number of legal challenges to the Notice of Ballot.

BT Pay Campaign 2010: Because We're Worth More!

The CWU sought the advice of our legal representatives after the first legal challenge, and the union has responded to each of the companyís letters vigorously defending the unionís position. Further legal advice was received on the morning of 5 July 2010, made it clear that the legal position was not in the unionís favour. As a result of this advice the decision was taken to withdraw the ballot rather than take the union through a lengthy and expensive process of litigation.

The ballot has been cancelled with immediate effect and the appointed independent scrutineer will therefore not be issuing a ballot result.

Anti-Union Legislation Triumphs

Although the CWU made every effort to address the various legal requirements associated with running a statutory ballot for industrial action, unfortunately the balance of power is not with us on this occasion and once again the formidable strength of the British anti-union laws in preventing unions exercising the right to strike in defence of their membersí interests is manifested.

Since BT was notified of the decision to withdraw the ballot the company has asked the union to enter urgent discussions with a view to resolving the current pay dispute. The T&FSE considered this and it was been agreed to meet with BT urgently.

Andy Kerr, Deputy General Secretary (T&FS) said:

"I can confirm that we will be taking the necessary steps to ensure that we have the required information to comply with the legal process so that we can issue a fresh Notice of Ballot as soon as possible. However, in the meantime as stated above we will be speaking to BT to see if a resolution to the dispute can be achieved."