Openreach Service Delivery Transformation

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Payphones Attendance and Assimilation

10 July 2010

The preference exercise for Payphone Engineers who moved into Openreach has now been completed and the outcome reviewed.



Within the urban patches, it is pleasing to report that everybody will be given their first preference for both pattern and start/finish times. (It was only in the urban patches that a rationale currently existed for Saturday working.)

In the rural areas, whilst there was not a requirement at this stage for Saturday working, there was a need to bring a degree of uniformity to start times. As a consequence, and following discussions on a 1:1 basis with their managers, everyone will be mapped to the closest pattern to what currently exists.

The roster build process will now happen and people will be given the appropriate notice period. The date for implementation will be advised in due course.


On 1 July 2010, the Payphone Engineers were fully integrated into Openreach. For the majority of people this simply means a change of second line manager. For some, however, it will mean a change of first line manager. OUCs will now be aligned within the appropriate hierarchy within the Volume organisation. There will be no change to the above attendances as a direct result of this. Any subsequent requirement for change will be done in accordance with the Framework document.