BT Pay Campaign 2010

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BT Pay Consultative Ballot - Vote YES!

21 July 2010

The CWU has reached an agreement with BT on pay for NewGRID Team Members which we are recommending to members in a consultative ballot.

CWU Booklet - BT Pay 2010 Final Offer

The ballot opens on 22 July and closes on 5 August. If the deal is accepted, it will be implemented in August salaries.

The offer comprises a 3% fully consolidated and pensionable pay increase for each of 2010, 2011 and 2012, providing a 9.3% increase over 3 years. The offer is backdated to 1st January 2010 and is effective from 1 January for 2011 and 2012, which provides a considerable boost to total pay over the period from 1 January 2010 to 31 March 2013.

The CWU believes this is a good offer in the current climate. It is within the top range of pay settlements for April 2010, and provides certainty over future pay increases at a time of economic fragility.

The CWU has been extremely robust in putting forward our case to BT for a pay offer that recognises your contribution to BTís success. We have explored every avenue in pay talks to secure a deal that we firmly believe is the best we can achieve through negotiation and against a background of pending strike action.

Over the course of extremely difficult and protracted negotiations, we have succeeded in moving BT from a starting position of 2% non-consolidated and non-pensionable, to 9.3% consolidated and pensionable over three years, backdated to 1 January 2010.

Your CWU Executive urges you to vote in the ballot and recommends that you vote YES to accept the pay offer. The full details are outlined in a booklet that has been sent with your ballot paper. Please read the information contained in the booklet so that you are fully informed about the deal before you vote.