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ILM Roll-Out – Volume Start Times

13 October 2009

There are now 7090 devices fitted as Openreach continues with the roll-out of ILM. This has highlighted the question of when someone actually starts work.


It is relatively clear for Home Parkers but in recent weeks the issue of whether Yard Parkers commence work by logging on prior to their official start time has arisen.

The CWU has consistently taken the line that there is no obligation for people to do any work prior to their start time. Some managers have claimed the opposite. The issue has been pursued with Openreach nationally and has been resolved.

A briefing is being sent to all managers headed "Re-inforcing Code of Practice and the Correct Behaviours". In the section headed ‘Day 1’, it states:

At the start of the day, Yard Parkers need time to log-on and undertake daily vehicle checks as well as pick up stores/equipment as necessary.

This reinforces the fact that team members commence log-in at their start time.

The CWU team is also in discussion with Openreach regarding issues around meal breaks and the outcome of those talks will be reported in due course.