BT Pay Campaign 2010

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BT Pay Consultative Ballot - Result

5 August 2010

The result of the consultative ballot of CWU members on the BT Pay offer for all Team Member NewGRID grades has been published.

Do you accept the BT Pay Review Final Offer
Number of Ballot papers distributed: 44,802 
Number of Ballot papers returned: 27,733 
Number of papers found to be invalid: 7 
Total Number of Ballot papers counted: 27,726 
Number voting YES23,017 86.62% of valid vote
Number voting NO: 3,709 13.38% of valid vote

The CWU has confirmed acceptance of the pay offer, which is backdated to 1 January 2010 and will be implemented in August 2010 salaries.

Thank you for your participation in the ballot.