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Openreach iPOP Review - Roll-out

14 October 2010

The extensive joint review on the “Productivity on a Page” (iPOP) processes that drew on feedback from Branches and members in constructing a new approach to performance management that was both fair and understandable has now been completed.


The intention was to roll-out the conclusions across all of Openreach Volume to commence with pilots in two selected areas, followed by team “huddles”. This is a key piece of work for both the CWU and Openreach, it is therefore vitally important that the roll-out to managers and team members is done in a quality way. Because of the service crisis, it is unlikely that the current climate would lend itself to a timely, clear and consistent message. For that reason the planned team member briefings will be deferred until Q4.

John Small has agreed that the current service difficulties should not be a barrier to launching a roll-out of the Review’s conclusions. There will be a series of joint roadshows jointly presented by the CWU and Openreach that will be run on a GM patch basis so there will be 14 venues. All of the joint roadshows are expected to conclude by the end of November 2010.