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Stress: Sources of Advice and Guidance

17 February 2011

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The following information is to help individuals employed by BT companies affected by stress to locate the relevant advice and guidance for themselves or colleagues.

Web Sites

Dealing with Stress

Provides a comprehensive guide to dealing with stress including the ‘Specialist Teams’ section / provides a comprehensive list of useful contacts.

Achieving the Balance

This BT intranet site aims to help employees to achieve the correct work-life balance.

Telephone Numbers and Points of Contact

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

For professional counselling and specialist help. Available for all employees, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • 0800 9176767 (outside UK +44 1865 397076).

Employee Assistance Management (EAM)

For advice and guidance on managing stress and many other issues. The EAM is a useful resource for managers to discuss stress in members of his/her team. Available 08.30-17.00 Monday to Friday, and an out of hours service, accessible from the same number, for emergencies.
  • 0800 780784 (outside UK +44 1908 358890)

Occupational Health

For advice on stress, medical and clinical matters. Available Monday to Friday 08.30-17.00.
  • 0800 800992 (outside UK +441908 356713)

Trades Unions (CWU and Connect)

Contact your local Branch Secretary. For people outside the UK, contact your in country union representative.


Stress workshop, course number M022528