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NEC and Industrial Executive Elections 2011

3 March 2011

Two decisions were taken at Annual Conference 2010, in respect of the election of the NEC and Industrial Executives will affect the timetable for this years elections.

Proposition 136

Rule 8.5.3a "Delete "annually" and insert "two yearly" "

Proposition 77

"The NEC is authorised to present rule amendments at the earliest opportunity to elect the NEC and Industrial Executives on a biennial basis"

The NEC considered the terms of the above policies and concluded that there are significant difficulties if the elections for the NEC and Industrial Executives are held in the usual timescale. These include the fact that the PTS members of the Postal Executive are excluded from the two year election process and the crucial need to hold elections in the future with the same tenure of office for all.

In order to address all of the difficulties and enable the NEC to table rule amendments to a Rules Revision Conference on 22 May 2011 the NEC has concluded that the elections for the NEC and Industrial Executives must be deferred until after Annual Conference 2011. A timetable and regulations will be published in due course.