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New Paternity Leave Rights

6 April 2011

If you are a father to be or will share the responsibility with a partner for bringing up a child, you may have the right to Statutory Paternity Leave and Pay. This includes adoptive fathers-to-be.

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This page has been archived as the infomation is no longer up to date, please refer to: Paternity Leave and Pay

Additional paternity leave and pay will apply (in general) if your child is due or matched for adoption on or after 3 April 2011.

Additional paternity leave allows employees, who are eligible, to take up to 26 weeks leave to care for their new baby. It can be taken any time from 20 weeks after the child is born, but it must have finished by the child's first birthday. In the case of adoption it can start anytime between 20 weeks and 52 weeks after the child starts living with the adopter.