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Is it Time to Cut Red Tape?

22 April 2011

The Government has launched a new web site to invite the public to tell them where to cut red tape. The suggestion is that by asking the public to comment the Government can see where they can cut unnecessary bureaucracy on business and the public sector.

Government Red Tape Challenge web site

There will be different regulations added to the site over time, and the public are invited to suggest if the legislation should be:

  • scrapped altogether,
  • merged with existing regulations,
  • simplified, or
  • left as they are.

They are also inviting any ideas to make the regulations better.

So far it looks like almost every piece of legislation is open to comment, including Health and Safety and Equality regulations that are essential to protect our members at work and in their day-to-day lives.

An attempt to abolish or even water down some of this legislation could be disastrous and could leave all of us unprotected against dangerous work practices and unscrupulous employers and service providers. It is vital that our voices are heard.

Please therefore make sure that you make your views known.