Openreach Service Delivery Transformation

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Service Delivery Transformation 2011/12

9 June 2011

The CWU Executive team, along with the CWU's regional contacts, met with Openreach to discuss the dynamics of the market and how these forces were driving the business's strategic thinking. This meeting was extremely useful to the Union's team in understanding how Openreach proposes to re-organise in the coming year, including the changes in priorities.


Whilst there is a clear link between the current stalemate situatiuon on the organisational review, the meeting was based on a much wider perspective.

Openreach has confirmed in writing that the scale and pace of their on-going plans will impact all parts of Service Delivery and will mean that people may change from the role they currently do to another role. This may be because of changing priorities or market dynamics, or it may be as a result of insourcing work. There are commitments contained within the letter to seeking to bring work in-house.

Service Delivery Resource Pool

There is also a commitment to look at bringing back work from India. Of concern to the CWU was the possibility of significant numbers of people ending up in the BTTC. Instead, following discussion with Openreach, the aim will be to create a Service Delivery Resource Pool (SDRP) which will operate very much on the lines of the former Regional Transition Centres. Additionally, and as part of the creation of the SDRP, the Network Investment New Skills Group will be incorporated. Further discussions will be held with Openreach to hammer out the detail of how the SDRP will operate in practice.

It should be noted, however, that people going into the SDRP will not be redeployees and as far as is possible may not go in to the SDRP unless there is work for them to do. The search for alternative roles will be within Openreach and, more importantly, from work currently done by third party both in the UK and elsewhere.

Contractual Overtime

Another significant issue the CWU has been pressing Openreach for is a much firmer commitment to not using Contractual Overtime (COT). Openreach had given a commitment not to use contractual overtime until 31 October, unless extreme circumstances occurred. This commitment has been extended indefinitely and COT will only be used in circumstances where MBORC has been called.