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2011 Elections - Results

18 August 2011

Results of the 2011 NEC & National Representative Elections.

Telecoms & Financial Services Constituency Chair

SHEPHERD, Beryl - Elected Unopposed

Telecoms & Financial Services Constituency Vice-Chair

ELDRED, Allan - Elected Unopposed

National Executive Council – T&FS Constituency Representatives
ROSE, Karen5,950Elected
DARBYSHIRE, Nick5,619Elected
UPTON, Julia5,458Elected
JUKES, Dave5,324Elected
McGLYNN, Chic5,316Elected
O’BRIEN, Brendan5,058Elected
HEATHER, Gary3,882 
CATTERALL, Steve3,723 
TILL, Jeffrey2,957 
WALDER, Clive2,571 
HOUGHTON, Mick1,410 
T&FSE – BT/Other Companies Representatives
COOPER, Tom5,192Elected
FUSSEY, Tracey5,183Elected
TURNBULL, John4,952Elected
TRIM, Simon4,867Elected
RYAN, Gerry4,816Elected
ALLEYNE, Gus3,242 
CATTERALL, Steve2,999 
TILL, Jeffrey2,874 
BROWETT, Steve2,834 
WALDER, Clive 2,479 
T&FS Executive – Santander Representative
HEATH, Cathryn203Elected
CORT, Debbie182 
T&FSE – Telefonica/O2 Representative
WALMSLEY, Sandra226Elected
MUQIT, Mizan127 

Telecoms & Financial Services Executive – Virgin Media, Addeco (Virgin Media Contract) and Manpower (Virgin Media Contract) Representative

ANDREWS, Dan - Elected Unopposed