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BT - Annual Leave Entitlements

26 October 2011

As there is no single BT document where individual annual leave entitlements are listed there is no trigger from the Company when an individual’s annual leave entitlement increases in line with the NewGRID Agreement. The responsibility for managing annual leave entitlement is on the individual and their manager.

NewGRID Annual Leave Entitlements
Length of Service Holidays Notes
On entry 25 days  
5 years 26 days Applicable only to people in service at 30 September 2000
8 years 27 days Applicable only to people in service at 30 September 2000
10 years 28 days  
18 years 30 days  
22 years 32.5 days Applicable only to people in annual leave group 2 at 30 September 2000 and people with pay and pension protection to a former annual leave group 2 grade at NewGrid implementation.

Annual Leave in Hours

The daily equivalent in hours is calculated by dividing the weekly contracted hours by 5.

36 ÷ 5 = 7.2 hours

Annual leave allocation is the entitlement in days multiplied by 7.2.

For example:

On entry 25 x 7.2 = 180 hours
10 years 28 x 7.2 = 201.6 hours
18 years 30 x 7.2 = 216 hours

These allocations are the same for everyone regardless of work pattern.

Group 2

People in annual leave Group 2 at 30 September 2000 are entitled to 32.5 days after 22 years’ service.

pre-NewGRID Grades in Annual Leave Group 2
Technical Officer
Senior Technician
Technician 1
Technical & Commercial Trainee
Commercial Officer
Computing 3
Radio Officer
Leading Materials Handler
Workshop Supervisor 1/2
Technician in Charge (MT)
Driving Instructor
Reprographic Unit Supervisor
Typing and Secretarial Levels 2/3/4
Retail 2/3
Sales Support Officer
NBC Professional Sales Grade A

Part-Time / Job Sharer

Part-time and job sharers annual leave is calculated in hours and is pro rata. Leave entitlement is calculated by expressing the full time equivalent in hours multiplied by the weekly part time hours divided by the weekly full time hours.

For example:

A part-time employee working 20 hours a week with 18 years’ service.

Full time equivalent in hours = 30 x 7.2 = 216
Weekly part-time hours = 20
Weekly full time hours = 36
Leave Allocation = 216 x 20 ÷ 36 = 120 hours.