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Winter Weather

17 November 2011

The time of year is fast approaching, when we can expect severe weather.

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BT Buildings

A risk assessment has been carried out for each BT Building and from this an individual snow/ice plan has been produced based on the building’s needs. The plan can be found on the building notice board and will indicate which areas around the building will be gritted and where the self-help gritting bins are located.

Please be aware - BT’s policy is to ensure that access areas e.g. footpaths, fire exits, inclines etc are gritted. It is not normal policy to grit car parks unless the snow and ice plan has indicated otherwise. For low occupancy buildings the plans indicate that it is down to the first individual on site to make sure the areas are gritted and free of snow and ice. Check to make sure that the local supplies of salt are adequate and request more if these stocks become depleted by contacting BT Property on 0800 223388.


Before driving your vehicle check the electrical system (battery, ignition and lights); brakes; tyres; exhaust; wipers; fluids, radiator/antifreeze and heating/cooling system. Keep your fuel tank near to full to ensure that you do not run out. In case you get stranded keep an emergency kit in your vehicle, (warm clothing, boots, gloves, torch with fresh batteries, fresh first-aid supplies, water and something to eat even a chocolate or breakfast bar. Drive according to the conditions. This may also mean making the decision not to drive.

You can use the Highways Agency’s information services to check and plan your journey:

Out on Foot

In previous years there have been numerous slipping accidents , this has included injuries sustained by individuals crossing exchange car parks, on public footpaths and roads. Take more time in hazardous conditions, assess the situation and involve your managers, get them to come out and do their own local risk assessment. This could mean them assessing the car park/yard or coming out to your jobs. They have a duty of care to your health and safety at work; Make sure that they accept the same responsibilities you do.