BT Pay 2012

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RPI Above Trigger Level for Pay Talks

16 December 2011

The three year BT pay settlement agreed in 2010 provides for a 3% pay increase from January 2012 for all NewGRID grades including ex-Text Relay and ex-Sitel employees.

BT Pay Claim 2012 - Reward Our Contribution

Part of the settlement included a clause to open talks if the November 2011 RPI is above 3.2% or below 2.5% to discuss the impact of this and agree an optimum position. The November 2011 RPI published on Tuesday 13 December was 5.2%, so the trigger to invoke that clause has been reached.

Andy Kerr, Deputy General Secretary (T&FS), wrote to BT on 14 December 2011, asking for a meeting and consequently, the CWU pay team met with BT on 15 December 2011 for an initial discussion on this matter.

No claim has been submitted by the union at this stage but we have agreed to continue talks early in the New Year with a meeting set for the 10 January 2012.

BT did confirm during the initial discussion that the agreed 3% pay increase would be implemented in January in line with the 2010 BT pay settlement.