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BT Reluctant to Negotiate Pay Increase

2 February 2012

The CWU has begun discussions with BT on pay for Team Member NewGRID grades after the November 2011 RPI hit 5.2%, invoking a clause in the three year 2010 pay agreement to open talks to seek to mitigate the impact of a volatile RPI.

BT Pay Claim 2012 - Reward Our Contribution

BT have confirmed the 3% agreed will be paid in January 2012, but there is still a gap between your pay and the rise in the cost of living.

The CWUís third pay meeting with BT took place on 17 January 2012 when the CWU Team put forward a robust case for a further pay increase on top of the 3% already awarded to close the cost of living gap, citing:

  • The price of essentials like food and fuel have risen by more than non essentials like leisure goods, hitting CWU members hard.
  • BTís profits are built on the backs of CWU members who are under more pressure from cost cutting measures.
  • BTís pre-tax profits rose by 36% to £552m in the second quarter.
  • Total operating costs fell by 3% or £108m.
  • BT is highly competitive and its share price has surged 53.8% since July 2010, with analysts predicting a further 30% rise.
  • Analysts believe BTís pension deficit is set to reduce, resulting in higher free cash flow.
  • BT's market leading position rests on its ability to award market leading pay settlements and sustain pay in real terms.

There is a clear reluctance on BTís part to make an offer beyond the agreed 3%, but with the price of everyday goods soaring the CWU is determined to do all we can to ensure BT stick to their promise and seek to mitigate the impact of volatile inflation.

The CWU is still seeking further meetings with BT to progress this issue. The CWU is determined to do everything we can to ensure BT stick to their promise and seek to mitigate the impact of inflation. A key factor in achieving an improvement on pay will be our ability to convince BT that members are fully supportive of our position.

It is vital that BT are aware of the strength of feeling amongst members. You are invited to send BT your their views on pay to: Please copy the CWU in to any messages sent to BT, using: