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No Smoking Day - Wednesday 14 March 2012

5 March 2012

More than a million smokers are expected to make a quit attempt on this year’s No Smoking Day which takes place on Wednesday 14 March 2012.

No Smoking Day 2012 - take the leap

Over the last quarter of a century it's grown into the UK's leading public health event, helping over a million smokers to quit for good. With No Smoking Day, there's no pressure. When smokers are ready to stop, the 'No Smoking Charity', now merged with the 'British Heart Foundation' is ready to help, directing people to the support that's right for them, when and where they want it.

Take the Leap with No Smoking Day

The charity knows that most smokers would really like to stop, but find it hard to. So this year they are encouraging smokers to 'Take the Leap' and give it a go. 'Take the Leap' and its energetic accompanying image aim to echo the UK's focus on the Olympics, asking smokers to think about their physical health. The 'Take the Leap' theme was developed with smokers themselves and reflects the positive messaging of the charity, who are here for smokers who want to quit and will help them take a leap towards a healthier, wealthier future.


Established in 1983, the No Smoking Day campaign was organised by the No Smoking Day charity. No Smoking Day works to support smokers who want to quit. The charity does this by raising awareness of the Day, which takes place on the second Wednesday in March every year, and by highlighting the many sources of help available for quitters. In 2011 the No Smoking Day charity merged with the British Heart Foundation with the aim of securing the future of the campaign and building on its successful history. The No Smoking Day campaign helps smokers who want to quit by creating a supportive environment for them, and by highlighting the many sources of help and advice available. The Day remains the UK's foremost public health event, bringing together professionals who share an interest in promoting health, generating significant media coverage, and providing an annual focus for the three in every four smokers who want to stop.

Every year over a million smokers will use No Smoking Day to try to quit. The No Smoking Day charity also conducts year-round initiatives to encourage and support smokers who want to quit. These projects target specific communities, and aim to address health inequalities by coordinating networks of public health professionals from across the public, voluntary and private sectors. In 2010 the charity launched 'We Quit', an all year round resource for smokers. The We Quit website site aims to provide ongoing help and advice to smokers who want to quit. All No Smoking Day projects are based on the principles of social marketing and are underpinned by our commitment to the highest standards of research and evaluation.

The Campaign

No Smoking Day is the UK's foremost annual health awareness campaign, helping over 1.5 million smokers quit for good since 1984. With No Smoking Day, there's no pressure. When smokers are ready to stop, they're here and ready to help. The success of No Smoking Day is built on the commitment to building partnerships with all those who share their vision. The charity brings together like-minded individuals and organisations from across the UK to share skills and focus attention on smoking cessation for one day.

The main messages of No Smoking Day:

  • No Smoking Day is a good opportunity to stop smoking
  • Smokers can get help when they want to stop
  • There are health and other benefits to stopping smoking

What No Smoking Day does:

  • Spurs smokers into action - around three quarters of a million people make a quit attempt each No Smoking Day
  • Appeals to smokers of all types - whatever their age, sex or social class
  • Publicises and explains the help that smokers can get when they want to stop
  • Captures the attention of the media with lots of supportive TV, newspaper and radio coverage

What No Smoking Day doesn't do:

  • Try to force smokers to stop - No Smoking Day is for the three in every four smokers who want to quit
  • Harass smokers - it's not about banning smoking, or picking on smokers
  • Work in isolation - smokers need support before and after the Day too