BT Pay 2012

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BT Agrees £250 Lump Sum Payment for 2012

18 April 2012

Following tough and protracted negotiations, the CWU has agreed a £250 non consolidated lump sum payment for Team Members as an additional and final element of the 2012 pay award.

BT Pay Claim 2012 - Reward Our Contribution

November 2011 - RPI Trigger

This concludes the unionís discussions with BT that were prompted by the clause in the 2010 pay agreement to Ďseek to ensure that the impact of a volatile RPI is mitigatedí after the November 2011 RPI hit 5.2%. The payment, which is pro-rata for part time employees, will be received in April pay packets.

Since talks began in December 2011, the CWU has robustly argued for an improvement on the 3% award for 2012, emphasising the rise in the cost of living and your contribution to BTís success.

The CWU were determined that the company should honour the terms of the 2010 agreement to seek to mitigate the impact of a volatile RPI and we have succeeded in moving BT from a position of zero which it held throughout most of the talks. Every avenue was exhausted in seeking to secure a consolidated award but BT was resolute in their position that this was not an option they were prepared to consider. The CWU is in no doubt therefore that this is the best deal that can be achieved through negotiation.

Talks on Direct Labour

The CWU has also secured a commitment from BT as part of this agreement to commence talks by mid-May with a view to extending the companyís direct labour activities in the UK. This will help to safeguard existing jobs and potentially create new jobs for the future.