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CWUYouth: Debt and Financial Management

27 September 2012

The Youth Committee has been in discussion with the movers of Motion 10 at the 2012 Youth Conference concerning the provision of guidance on personal debt and financial management.

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Motion 10:

Conference notes and accepts that, due to the current financial climate; the impact on young people can often go ignored by the usual channels and unreported. The lack of experience and specific education in financial matters does mean that young people can find themselves in extreme difficulties.

These difficulties will follow, and adversely affect them for the rest of their lives.

Therefore conference instructs, as a matter of urgency, the YAC to develop and produce a booklet or guide to young people's finances. This should provide help, advice and useful contacts, together with any other relevant information and help the YAC feels would benefit our Youth membership.

The North East Regional Youth Committe confirmed that existing material would suffice provided it was relevant and of sufficient quality.

The committee has therefore identified two sources of information that they feel to be particularly useful: