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Dyslexia Awareness Week, October 2012

1 October 2012

BT is launching a campaign to coincide with Dyslexia Awareness Week, 8-14 October 2012, offering confidential help to engineers in BT Operate and Openreach who think they may be dyslexic.

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The CWU is fully supportive of this initiative and will be jointly promoting the campaign.

It is likely that many of our members are dyslexic. The nature of engineering jobs has changed tremendously in recent years. In the past the job was mainly manual but now there is a requirement for complex notes and greater communication skills. Members with dyslexia will struggle with these new requirements. Dyslexia is a recognised disability and nothing to be ashamed of. Help and support is available and the CWU would encourage its members to seek out this support and not struggle in silence.

The Campaign objectives are to increase awareness of dyslexia and provide practical knowledge on the tools and support available for those who show dyslexia traits.

Testing, Advice and Support

There will be a number of knowledge calls held throughout October 2012. Initially engineers will be offered a confidential online test to identify whether they display any traits of dyslexia. If the test shows they may benefit from further support, they can chose to be referred to the disability employment specialists ‘Remploy’ for further assessment and advice. Remploy’s specialists can recommend software or equipment that will help the individuals.