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Survey on Housing Issues for CWU Youth

10 December 2012

Accommodation is a big issue for many young people and the survey will allow us to get a better understanding of your views and particular problems you face.

row of terraced houses

The survey is partly prompted by the House of Commons Committee on Communities and Local Government, which has launched an inquiry into the private rented housing sector; the results from this survey will allow us to respond to this by directly relaying your views to the committee. If we get a good response rate, we can send a really strong message on how things need to be improved for young people.

The survey has questions about your living arrangements in general and on your views and experience of renting. It shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes at the most to complete.

The survey is anonymous and personalised data will not be disclosed to anyone outside of CWU headquarters without your consent. Your time and your views on this would be greatly appreciated so I hope you will be able to find a spare five minutes to let us know your experience.