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Harassment Complaints Database

31 January 2013

As part of the review of the Harassment Complaints Database (HCD) process that began with a Conference motion in the name of Western Counties Branch and LTB 080/12 issued in 2012, we are pleased to announce the re-launch of the Harassment Complaints Database.

Harassment Complaints Database  Re-Launch of Advice and Guidelines

The CWU has been one of the leading trade unions in highlighting zero tolerance of bullying and harassment. This position is a legacy of the framework agreement reached with the then Equal Opportunities Commission, back in 2005, which saw the launch of our free helpline and the setting up of the HCD process.

To assist the re-launch the CWU Equality Department has produced a dedicated brochure highlighting some of the views expressed during the review and our observations moving forward.

It is apparent that bullying and harassment is still very evident in the work place irrespective of who your employer is. In order to assist the CWU to make representations to the employers on this issue, it is essential that we are able to present an accurate reflection of how serious a problem this is. For this reason alone we cannot stress the importance of using both the HCD process and our free-phone bullying and harassment helpline number 0800 107 1909. This number is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The helpline is operated independently by First Assist and there is also free specialist counselling available should our members require extra support.