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Promoting Disability-Friendly Workplaces

2 February 2013

As part of enacting motion 3, that was carried at the November 2012 CWU Disability Conference, the Equality department is seeking information on how accessible and generally user-friendly our workplaces are for our disabled members.

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For the purpose of this excercise only workplaces with over 20 people permanently based there will be assessed.

Members are invited to contract the Branch office to let us know how disability friendly a workplace is particularly issues such as meeting areas, how user-friendly communications are for the visually impaired and deaf, general workspaces, toilets, parking, changing levels/going upstairs or downstairs. Issues like the accessibility for wheelchair users and those who have mobility issues, access to Braille, how deaf friendly fire drills and evacuations are, whether or not Typetalk and minicoms are used by your employer, sufficient lighting for the visually impaired, doors being easily and independently opened by all users , etc.