BT Pay 2013

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Claim for ‘Inflation-Plus’ Increase

9 February 2013

The CWU negotiating team, led by Andy Kerr, Deputy General Secretary, met with BT on 7 February 2013, to open talks on this year’s annual pay review for all NewGRID Team Member grades, in advance of the 1 April review date.

BT Pay 2013

The CWU presented its case for a fully consolidated settlement which is above RPI inflation for all grades and flows through to all allowances and the pay and pension supplement. The CWU is also seeking inclusion of a flat rate element in the settlement for all grades to help lift the pay of lower grades who have been especially hard hit by the rise in essential living costs.

Strong Case for ‘Inflation-Plus’ Rise

The CWU team put forward a number of arguments in support of the pay claim, including:

  • BT reported solid third quarter results showing pre-tax profits up 8% to £1.86bn.
  • BT is performing well with strong take up of fibre broadband and a positive outlook for future success in broadband and pay TV.
  • BT’s share price has more than doubled since the time of the 2010 pay deal, rising from 130p in August 2010 to 274.9p earlier this week.
  • The considerable contribution made by CWU represented employees to BT’s strong market position.

Andy Kerr made it very clear the CWU believes an inflation-plus rise is affordable and justified given BT’s current performance and the contribution made by CWU members to BT’s success in a highly competitive environment.

A series of pay meetings has been arranged with BT over the coming weeks and CWU branches and members will be kept informed of progress.