BT Pay 2013

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BT Responds to Above Inflation Rise

15 February 2013

The CWU met with BT on 14 February 2013, for the second in a series of talks on the 2013 annual pay review for Team Members.

BT Pay 2013

BT has not written formally in response to the union’s pay claim, but BT negotiators said they believe ‘employees should share in the company’s success’ and they are ‘willing to explore how this could happen’. They also said ‘affordability’ is something they will be considering as a key factor in any pay offer.

The CWU team restated the case for an above inflation pay rise, pointing to:

  • The hard work of CWU members in helping to raise BT’s overall customer satisfaction rates from 56% to 68%*.
  • BT’s solid financial performance including growth in profits and free cash flow.
  • The substantial rise in BT’s share price, up 30% since October to 275p today.
  • The commitment and flexibility of CWU represented grades in helping BT succeed in a competitive market.
  • The positive outlook for the future through rapid rollout of fibre broadband and expansion into pay TV.

The CWU believes an inflation-plus rise is affordable and justified given BT’s current performance and the contribution made by CWU members to BT’s competitive strength.

A series of pay talks has been scheduled over the coming weeks and CWU branches and members will be kept informed of progress.

Please send your views and questions to:

* Customer Service Satisfaction, Ofcom/GFK, December 2012.