BT Pay 2013

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No Offer Yet From BT

6 March 2013

CWU negotiators met with BT on 1 March 2013, to continue talks on this year’s annual pay review. BT negotiators stressed that market comparisons, affordability and company performance are important when setting pay and that RPI inflation should not be the only measure for consideration.

BT Pay 2013

They said there are cost pressures on BT from investment in fibre and TV content. BT still wishes to explore ways of formulating a pay offer that would be acceptable to the CWU but, to date, no offer has been made.

The CWU team made a robust case for an inflation-plus rise, arguing that:

  • RPI inflation is a major factor for CWU members because it measures the rise in your cost of living. CWU members have been hard hit by steep rises in essential living costs.
  • A persistent drive for cost efficiencies and improved productivity means CWU represented grades are increasingly under pressure and under rewarded.
  • Investment for the future should also mean investing in CWU members who are on the front line of service delivery and fundamental to business success.
  • BT is performing well and indications are the company will benefit from its investment in fibre broadband, pay TV content and 4G spectrum.
  • BT’s strong cash position and increased profits, generated largely through the hard work of CWU represented grades, means an inflation-plus award for Team Members is realistic and affordable.

Further pay talks have been scheduled over the coming weeks and CWU branches and members will be kept informed of progress.

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