BT Pay 2013

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BT says inflation 'not relevant' to pay

15 March 2013

The CWU met with BT on 14 March 2013, to pursue the union's claim for a fully consolidated, above inflation pay rise. BT said that whilst inflation is 'interesting' it is 'not relevant' to pay.

BT Pay 2013

Union negotiators countered that inflation is very relevant to our members who face the full effects of steep rises in essentials such as food, fuel and transport.

BT has still not made an opening offer but negotiators have indicated they will write to the CWU in the coming days.

The CWU is clear that if BT is to sustain a highly productive, motivated and skilled workforce and a leading market position, it has to properly recognise the contribution of Team Members.

Further meetings are scheduled and we will keep members informed of progress.