BT Pay 2013

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CWU Rejects Second Below Inflation Offer

15 April 2013

Following CWUís rejection of BTís offer of 2.25% on base pay plus a £100 non consolidated lump sum (dependant on individual performance), BT tabled an improved offer of 2.5%, plus a guaranteed £100 non consolidated lump sum (regardless of individual performance).

BT Pay 2013

Whilst emphasising that the offer did not meet the unionís claim for a fully consolidated, above RPI inflation rise with a consolidated flat rate element, the CWU negotiating team agreed to take the offer back to the unionís BT Committee for discussion.

"Our BT Committee has firmly rejected the latest offer on the basis that it falls below the rise in RPI inflation which is currently running at 3.2%, and it does not properly reflect the contribution of CWU members to BT's ongoing success. We also felt that the offer of a one-off payment was inadequate in quantum and insufficient in meeting rising living costs, because lump sum payments are short-lived whilst price rises are here to stay."

"Instead of joining the race to the bottom on pay, which will see the squeeze on incomes continue to hold back the British economy, BT should take a lead in increasing the value of pay in real terms. This will help to increase consumer spending power and inject some much needed life back into the UK economy. It will also ensure BT retains the skilled, motivated and committed workforce it needs to retain its leading market position and outperform the competition."

Andy Kerr, CWU Deputy General Secretary

A further pay meeting is planned for next week and we will keep members informed of progress. The BT Committee remains hopeful that a negotiated settlement can be reached but is in no doubt that this task presents an enormous challenge given the differences between the Company and ourselves.