BT Pay 2013

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CWU Recommends Final Offer

15 May 2013

Following difficult and protracted negotiations, the CWU has secured a final pay offer from BT of 2.8% on base pay from 1 April 2013, for all Team Members who are NewGRID grades and Loyalty Advisor agents. This will flow through to all allowances automatically uplifted in line with the NewGRID agreement.

BT Pay 2013

In addition, a £200 lump sum payment has been secured which, although unconsolidated, will be treated as pensionable and will be paid in June 2013. The impact of this is that all members will receive in cash terms, an increase that is above the current rate of inflation.

The CWU’s negotiating team has explored every possible avenue open to them to improve on the company’s final offer but BT has made it very clear that no further movement is possible. The CWU is therefore in no doubt that this is the very best offer that can be achieved via negotiation.

The CWU’s Executive are convinced that set against the backdrop of this year’s pay talks, including very low economic growth and average pay settlements elsewhere of 2.5%, it is an offer that should be recommended to members for acceptance.

Consultative Ballot

The offer will be put to all affected members in a consultative ballot that will run until the beginning of June and, if accepted, will be implemented in the June 2013 payroll and backdated to 1 April 2013.

Future Benefits

During negotiations, BT stated their wish to introduce a scheme for future years which should enable all employees to share more in the company’s success and which would be linked to the company’s performance. Transparent and public measures of the company’s success such as free cash flow and customer service are likely to be used and the CWU has agreed to enter into discussions with BT on a without prejudice basis, about how such a scheme could operate. However, the CWU has secured assurances from BT that there is no intention to replace the annual pay review.